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Kidzeum's First Release: Spring 2016!

Kidzeum is an app for families visiting museums. With this treasure-hunt style game, kids - and grown-ups! - will be able to discover museums in a fun, interactive, and educational way.

Test Day: come play with us!

We've just finished prototyping our very first Kidzeum game. We worked very hard and we believe it looks great, but now we need feedback from real participants, i.e. you and your family!

This is why we are organizing test days where we let the public tell us what they think. We held our last test day on April 24, 2016 at the Van Buuren Museum in Brussels, Belgium.

Don't miss our upcoming test days! Suscribe below or consult our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Where to play?

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Van Buuren Museum

Beautiful Art Deco house with its gardens and labyrinth. A hidden gem in the heart of Brussels.

41 Léo Errera Avenue, 1180 Brussels

Opened every day except Tuesdays from 2 to 5:30pm

Consult admission costs on the Van Buuren website.

Free game for kids aged 8 and over. Don't forget to bring a smartphone or a tablet!




Formerly a lawyer, Margo founded Kidzeum in 2015. She loves telling stories and drawing.

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Laurence has been a guide in museums for the past decade. She especially likes giving tours to kids who never fail to ask the most important questions.

Contact us

Liked your visit? Comments? Please get in touch with us!

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